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Mountain Epicness – Completing the Kora in Yading Nature Reserve

Em and I spent four days hiking around 2 of the 3 holy mountains in Yading Nature Reserve. The mountains are gigantesque. Each is over 6000 m. Chanadorjee (meaning ‘power’ in Tibetan), Jampelyang (meaning “wisdom”) and Chenresig (meaning [...]

How My Dad’s Gift of $300 Nearly Got Me Killed

“Woosh” my bamboo walking pole plunges effortlessly into the knee-deep snow. With the numbed fingers of my left hand I clasp at some sparse shrubbery. Suddenly, my right foothold slips. Then, my left sinks, deep into the wet snow. Fuck. I thrust my body into the mountain [...]

Touchdown in The Fabled Valley: Managing expectations, excitement and encryption policy at RightsCon 2016

I’m on a plane to San Francisco. Finally.

I have quixotically built up this destination in my mind for years. While studying ‘entrepreneurship’ during my undergrad, while helping build a Canadian-based technology-enabled social enterprise startup upon graduation, [...]

First-hand observations from the frontier of the migrant crisis

My girlfriend, Em, and I spent the past two days volunteering at a refugee camp in southern Slovenia. It was insightful. Read about our experience and observations.

During four months of living and traveling in central and eastern Europe we had shared many [...]

Last Minute Tuesday Date Night

At 18:15 last night I learned that the 2014 Walrus Talks were happening at 19:00. I had heard of the speaker series before, but never participated. My intellectual curiosity is generally insatiable so I called the box office to inquire whether or not empty seats [...]