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A Psychedelic Decade?

A Revolution

The coming years might bring a revolution. No, I’m not talking about social upheaval aimed at righting centuries of racialized inequities, open inter-class warfare as the windfalls of eye-popping government stimulus packages accrue to those who needed [...]

Saviour or Serpent: Should we Praise or Fear Apple and Google’s Plans to Build Contact Tracing Technology to Combat COVID-19?

Never underestimate the power of a common enemy as a source of unity. On Friday Apple and Google, usually known for their commitment to outshining the other, announced a joint effort to help combat the spread of COVID-19. In it they propose to “develop opt-in contact [...]

The Value of Extended Travel


My wife and I recently returned from an eleven-month trip that included backpacking in Africa and cycling across Central Asia. I’m not as quick as others to describe it as a ‘life-changing’ experience but, at the same time, won’t deny that exploring those [...]

Ten Days to Enlightenment?

Leaving it all Behind

The afternoon had arrived. I hadn’t thought too much about this moment. I’d thought lots about being uncomfortable, about being lonely and, since receiving a message from a friend in back home the day prior, about being hungry. But, generally, [...]

Off on an Adventure!

The time has come! My wife and I are headed off on an

We’ll be blogging on a dedicated blog – Breaking Trail Travel

Expect mishaps, weird encounters and cycling across Central

First stop, Ethiopia 😊