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Mountain Epicness – Completing the Kora in Yading Nature Reserve

Em and I spent four days hiking around 2 of the 3 holy mountains in Yading Nature Reserve. The mountains are gigantesque. Each is over 6000 m. Chanadorjee (meaning ‘power’ in Tibetan), Jampelyang (meaning “wisdom”) and Chenresig (meaning “compassion”). Our goal was to circumnavigate Chanadorjee and Jampelyang.

The experience was incredible. We were self-sufficient, however were frequently spurred by the smiles of nomads, fuelled by yak butter tea and eternally grateful for some route-finding help on numerous occasions during the trip.

The gallery of pics below provide a fun overview of the adventure. You can click on any image to start the ‘gallery’ view. Some images load slowly. To view an image that is slow to load, click forward in the sequence using the arrow keys and then back. It should load.



Thanks for viewing. If you have any questions or are thinking of making the trip yourself send a note. We highly recommend and have a fair amount of insight. If you are the Chinese government and don’t like that we did this, sorry.