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A Psychedelic Decade?

A Revolution

The coming years might bring a revolution. No, I’m not talking about social upheaval aimed at righting centuries of racialized inequities, open inter-class warfare as the windfalls of eye-popping government stimulus packages accrue to those who needed [...]

The Value of Extended Travel


My wife and I recently returned from an eleven-month trip that included backpacking in Africa and cycling across Central Asia. I’m not as quick as others to describe it as a ‘life-changing’ experience but, at the same time, won’t deny that exploring those [...]

Ten Days to Enlightenment?

Leaving it all Behind

The afternoon had arrived. I hadn’t thought too much about this moment. I’d thought lots about being uncomfortable, about being lonely and, since receiving a message from a friend in back home the day prior, about being hungry. But, generally, [...]

“Nothing to hide” is Not Enough: The Best Academic Article I Read in Law School

Although I have long had a sense that personal privacy is critical to human flourishing, it was only more recently that I began to appreciate both the veracity of this intuition as well as grasp the logical argument for prioritizing it.

Needless to say, it was a [...]

The Morning After The Election

It’s the morning after the election. I feel heavy. There seem to be an uncountable number of ways that Trump’s success and Hillary’s failure is a slight against my values and the future I wish to be a part of. I am disappointed that intransigent ego, the spewing of [...]