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Saviour or Serpent: Should we Praise or Fear Apple and Google’s Plans to Build Contact Tracing Technology to Combat COVID-19?

Never underestimate the power of a common enemy as a source of unity. On Friday Apple and Google, usually known for their commitment to outshining the other, announced a joint effort to help combat the spread of COVID-19. In it they propose to “develop opt-in contact [...]

Off on an Adventure!

The time has come! My wife and I are headed off on an

We’ll be blogging on a dedicated blog – Breaking Trail Travel

Expect mishaps, weird encounters and cycling across Central

First stop, Ethiopia 😊

“Nothing to hide” is Not Enough: The Best Academic Article I Read in Law School

Although I have long had a sense that personal privacy is critical to human flourishing, it was only more recently that I began to appreciate both the veracity of this intuition as well as grasp the logical argument for prioritizing it.

Needless to say, it was a [...]

The Morning After The Election

It’s the morning after the election. I feel heavy. There seem to be an uncountable number of ways that Trump’s success and Hillary’s failure is a slight against my values and the future I wish to be a part of. I am disappointed that intransigent ego, the spewing of [...]

Mountain Epicness – Completing the Kora in Yading Nature Reserve

Em and I spent four days hiking around 2 of the 3 holy mountains in Yading Nature Reserve. The mountains are gigantesque. Each is over 6000 m. Chanadorjee (meaning ‘power’ in Tibetan), Jampelyang (meaning “wisdom”) and Chenresig (meaning [...]