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Backcountry Bliss – A Ski Expedition to Sydney Vallance (Fryatt) Hut

‘This is dumb!’ I exclaimed as my left boot plunged into the snow. Were the moon not obstructed by the sheer cliff that perched immediately above me, I’m sure I would have seen it snickering at me. 220 vertical metres of boot-packing over an 800 metre span at the end of a [...]

First-hand observations from the frontier of the migrant crisis

My girlfriend, Em, and I spent the past two days volunteering at a refugee camp in southern Slovenia. It was insightful. Read about our experience and observations.

During four months of living and traveling in central and eastern Europe we had shared many [...]

Itchy Upper Lips: A Snapshot into the Bolivarian Cult

Setting the Stage
I had just returned from two weeks of epic adventuring at the FIFA World Cup in Rio de Janeiro and was ready to re-immerse myself in the craziness of Caracas.

July 5th was Independence Day. I wanted to find a celebration. I polled some of my [...]

First Impressions of Caracas

Earlier this month I began work as a summer student in the Caracas office of an international law firm. After a generous endorsement from a friend, months of strategically timed emails and lots of luck, I was ecstatic to accept an offer of employment in February. My [...]

Last Minute Tuesday Date Night

At 18:15 last night I learned that the 2014 Walrus Talks were happening at 19:00. I had heard of the speaker series before, but never participated. My intellectual curiosity is generally insatiable so I called the box office to inquire whether or not empty seats [...]